The pups are getting more and more active. They had a great time running around outside. They are starting to play with toys.


as of 4/4/2021
Yellow Female - 122 ozs.
Green Female - 100 ozs.
Yellow Male - 106 ozs.
Green Male - 107 ozs.
White Female - 116 ozs.
Pink Female - 110 ozs.
Orange Female - 96 ozs.
Blue Female - 70 ozs.

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The Abby pups have their eyes fully open, moving around and starting to eat puppy food. Today was a beautiful day to go outside with pups. Our youngest granddaughter came by just in time to love on the pups. They were so gentle with her.

as of 3/28/2021
Yellow Female - 86 ozs.
Green Female - 71 ozs.
Yellow Male - 84 ozs.
Green Male - 77 ozs.
White Female - 82 ozs.
Pink Female - 80 ozs.
Orange Female - 63 ozs.
Blue Female - 44.5 ozs.


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The Abby pups were one week old yesterday and are doing fantastic and have almost doubled their birth weights. Right now the pups are doing a lot of sleeping, eating and pooping but all that is very normal. The next few weeks the pups are busy growing, developing and doing some more sleeping. I put them on the same blanket they were on last week so that you can track the puppies' growth by comparing the size of the designs on the blanket to the size of the pups.Neurological stimulation has started following military specifications. This helps enable the pups to better deal with stressors.  

as of 3/13/2021
Yellow Female - 26.5 ozs.
Red Female - 29 ozs.
Green Female - 23.2 ozs.
Yellow Male - 28 ozs.
Green Male - 24 ozs.
White Female - 29 ozs.
Pink Female - 26.5 ozs.
Orange Female - 27 ozs.
Blue Female - 28.5 ozs.


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