The 4 remaining girls are busy learning basic commands such as sit, kennel, here, fetch, and of course NO. They are full of energy out in the yard, but when they are inside, they relax in their kennels. They are old enough now that they are almost sleeping through the night. They are the perfect age to transition to new homes they are planning on keeping the pup in the house. They have all their shots, so trips to the dog park and other places are safe.














All the pups are retrieving toys. They also enjoy taking a swim in their kiddy pool. They are so full of energy and are so playful.

Puppy weights as of 9/12/21
Red Female - 11 lbs. 6 ozs.
Green Female -
12 lbs. 14 ozs.
White Female -
10 lbs. 0 ozs.
Yellow Female -
9 lbs. 6 ozs.
Green Male -
12 lbs. 0 ozs.
Blue Female -
10 lbs. 5 ozs.








Orange Female went to her new home today. The rest of the pups were having a good time retrieving stuffed toys. Almost all of them are now retrieving back to hand.


Puppy weights as of 9/5/21
Red Female - 10 lbs. 14 ozs.
Green Female -
11 lbs. 0 ozs.
White Female -
9 lbs. 7 ozs.
Yellow Female -
8 lbs. 12 ozs.
Green Male -
10 lbs. 12 ozs.
Blue Female -
9 lbs. 10 ozs.






Two of the male pups went to their new homes this Saturday. The green male pup is still available. Orange collar female is still consistently retrieving anything you throw. This week more of the pups are starting to retrieve. Some of the females are scheduled to go home this coming week, so we still have a few girls available too.

Puppy weights as of 8/29/21
Red Female - 9 lbs. 7 ozs.
Green Female -
9 lbs. 15 ozs.
White Female -
7 lbs. 12 ozs.
Yellow Female -
7 lbs. 8 ozs.
Green Male -
9 lbs. 4 ozs.
Blue Female -
7 lbs. 14 ozs.
Orange Female -
9 lbs. 10 ozs.



















After a quick morning shower, the pups were ready to go outside and run and play. Orange female was the retrieving queen today and was picking up and carrying around anything thrown
for her. The rest of the pups are showing interest in bring back toys as well. The pups are 5 1/2 weeks old and bringing to enjoy cooling off in the small kiddy pool we have set up for them.
These are some very happy pups.

Puppy weights as of 8/22/21
Red Female - 8 lbs. 0 ozs.
Green Female -
8 lbs. 2 ozs.
White Female -
7 lbs. 2 ozs.
Yellow Female -
6 lbs. 10 ozs.
Red Male -
9 lbs. 0 ozs.
Green Male -
8 lbs. 9 ozs.
Blue Female -
7 lbs. 2 ozs.
Yellow Male -
8 lbs. 3 ozs.
Orange Female -
8 lbs. 8 ozs.

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The pups are very playful and so much fun. They will follow you all around the yard and toleranting the heat better and can stay out for longer periods of time.
They had a great time playing and exploring today.


Puppy weights as of 8/15/21
Red Female - 114 ozs.
Green Female - 113 ozs.
White Female - 96 ozs.
Yellow Female - 89 ozs.
Red Male - 138 ozs.
Green Male - 113 ozs.
Blue Female - 89 ozs.
Yellow Male - 102 ozs.
Orange Female - 113 ozs.

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The pups are a little over 3 weeks old. We took for them a trip outside today, but did not stay out long. It was so hot and humid. When we put a bowl of water
down for the pups to get a cool drink of water, they decided that it was better for standing in it. Sooooo cute.

Puppy weights as of 8/8/21
Red Female - 81 ozs.
Green Female - 78 ozs.
White Female - 68 ozs.
Yellow Female - 66 ozs.
Red Male - 96 ozs.
Green Male - 80 ozs.
Blue Female - 61 ozs.
Yellow Male - 76 ozs.
Orange Female - 82 ozs.

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1 Week old. Pups took a nap outside today.

Puppy weights as of 7/25/21
Red Female - 35 ozs.
Green Female - 30 ozs.
White Female - 31 ozs.
Yellow Female - 30 ozs.
Red Male - 42 ozs.
Green Male - 36 ozs.
Orange Male - 23 ozs.
Blue Female - 29 ozs.
Yellow Male - 33 ozs.
Orange Female - 36 ozs.

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Newborn pups just a few days old. The pictures that show only 6 pups are the female and the ones that show only 4 pups are the male pups.