They are doing great. They got a visit today from my granddaughter Tori and great granddaughter Una. They love to be snuggled.



as of 4/4/2021
Yellow Female - 92 ozs.
White Female - 113 oz
Red Male - 88 ozs.
Green Female - 81 ozs.
Red Female - 113 ozs.
Green Male - 134 ozs.
Yellow Male - 139 ozs.


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The pups eyes are fully open and they are moving about. The had a great time outside. Today was prefect for them. It was not too hot and the wind was not blowing.

as of 3/28/2021
Yellow Female - 65 ozs.
White Female - 84 oz
Red Male - 63 ozs.
Green Female - 62 ozs.
Red Female - 80 ozs.
Green Male - 92 ozs.
Yellow Male - 99 ozs.


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The pups still spend their days eating, sleeping and pooping. These pictures may not look any different from last week's picture. I put them on the same blanket they were on last week so that you can track the puppies' growth by comparing the size of the designs on the blanket to the size of the pups. Pictures over the next few weeks will start to change. By next week their eyes should start toopen and they will have tripled their birth weights. Keep checking back each week to watch these adorable babies growing up. Neurological stimulation has started following military specifications. This helps enable the pups to better deal with stressors.

as of 3/13/2021
Yellow Female - 36 ozs.
White Female - 40 oz
Pink Female - 42 ozs.
Blue Male - 42 ozs.
Red Male - 26 ozs.
Green Female - 31 ozs.
Red Female - 33 ozs.
Green Male - 46 ozs.
Yellow Male - 46 ozs.
Orange Male - 39 ozs.


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