The pups are very mobile now with their eyes now and their voices found. They are becoming more and more playful everyday. The are eating dog food 3 times a day and stay fat and happy.  The weather here is still too hot to take them outside. We hope that after the next good rain to take them for an outing.

Weights as of 08/02/20
Blue Male - 6 lbs.
Red Male - 6 lbs.
Yellow Female - 5 lbs.
Green Male - 5 lbs 6 ozs.
White Male - 5 lbs. 10 ozs.
Orange Male - 4 lbs. 8 ozs.
Yellow Male - 5 lbs.2 ozs.
Red Female - 5 lbs 2 ozs.
White Female - 4 lbs. 8 ozs.

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The puppies' eye are full open now and they are finding their voices. The are growing and starting to push up on all four legs and taking a few steps. They still prefer to spend most of the day eating and sleeping, but be patient, next week we should see the pups become more active and start to play with each other. The weather here is very hot, so we haven't taken them outside yet. The pups had their first introduction to solid food that was soaked in warm water. They loved it and gobbled it up.

Weights as of 07/26/20.
Blue Male - 73 ozs.
Red Male - 75 ozs.
Yellow Female - 61 ozs.
Green Male - 65 ozs.
White Male - 74 ozs.
Orange Male - 54 ozs.
Yellow Male - 63 ozs.
Red Female - 62ozs.
White Female - 54 ozs.

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The pups eyes are starting to open. They still spend most of their days sleeping and love to be held and cuddled.

Weights as of 07/19/20.
Blue Male - 52 ozs.
Red Male - 52 ozs.
Yellow Female - 42 ozs.
Green Male - 49 ozs.
White Male - 52 ozs.
Orange Male - 44 ozs.
Yellow Male - 41 ozs.
Red Female - 45 ozs.
White Female - 36 ozs.

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The pups are 1 week old today and are so fat and active for their age. This is the time that we start neurologic stimulation with the pups. All of them are responding well.

Weights as of 07/12/20.
Blue Male - 34 ozs.
Red Male - 28 ozs.
Yellow Female - 26 ozs.
Green Male - 27 ozs.
White Male - 31 ozs.
Orange Male - 24 ozs.
Yellow Male - 23 ozs.
Red Female - 25 ozs.
White Female - 22 ozs.