The pups are growing fast and have more than doubled in weight. Razor is a very devoted mom. The pups eyes are open and they are starting to take steps. They are still very cuddly and love to be held.

Weights as of 08/07/22
Green Female  48 ozs.
Red Female  44 ozs.
Blue Male 50 ozs.
Yellow Female 44 ozs.
Green Male 48 ozs.
White Male 50 ozs.
Yellow Male 47 ozs.
White Female 51 ozs.
Orange Male 49 ozs.








The pups will be a week old tomorrow. They are doing great. This is my favorite time in the life cycle of a puppy. I love to snuggle them while they are sleeping.

Weights as of 07/26/22
Green Female  17 ozs.
Red Female  15 ozs.
Blue Male 23 ozs.
Yellow Female  16 ozs.
Green Male  15 ozs.
White Male 18 ozs.
Yellow Male 16 ozs.
White Female 18 ozs.
Orange Male 18 ozs.