Another weekend of great weather and a house full of visitors eager to play with Bella. They had a blast playing. She is are very playful and starting to pick up toys and carry them around.


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Bella weighs 11lbs. 4 ozs. as of today






Bella is starting to play with toys. She loves people and the other pups. We put her with the other pups to play so that she will get socialization with the "pack". She is starting to eat dog food and has started the process of weaning. In a few short weeks she will be going to here new people. I think they are very excited.


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Bella weighs 9lbs as of today








One week makes a lot of difference. Bella is walking around and will be started on puppy food this week. She is very curious and loves people. One of our granddaughters came for a visit today and had a blast with the puppies. She sat on the blanket and Bella had to sit in her lap. Great time had by all.



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Bella weighs 8lbs as of today











Razor pup is doing great and is starting to push up to standing position and take a few steps. We received a deposit on her today and in a few weeks she will be going to her new family. We will  continue to post pictures of her each Sunday night so that her family can watch her growing. She weighs 5 lbs. 10 ozs.