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Below are the last planned litters for 2021.


 We have 2 litters whelped within weeks of each other. But rest assured, David is home full time to care for mom and pups. Each mom has her own private room and

we have been whelping pups for a long time and will be able to provide the same high level of care and attention that we always given to our pups.





When we whelp a litter of pups, they will be born and raised in our house.  Pictures will be posted each Sunday night. Pups will be registered with AKC and UKC, micro chipped and be current on all shots and worming, and have dew claws removed. They will also be introduced to water, retrieving, birds, whistles, and simulated gun fire. A written warranty (click here to see copy) will be provided along with written documentation of all shots and worming.


Selection of pups begins around 6 weeks of age and goes in the order in which deposits are received. 

Your new companion will go home with a started kit which includes a sample of the food your pup has been started and information on proper care.


We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Sport - All Life Stages. We feed 3/4 cup twice a day. Pour just enough water over the food so that it starts to float. The reason for the water is so that the pup does not gobble up its food too fast.  You should continue this when your pup goes home with you. If you wish to feed a different food, please transition the pup off its current food by mixing 1 part new food to 3 parts ProPlan. Each day gradually decrease the ProPlan and increase the new food until you have totally transitioned to the new food.








9 Razor X Roamin Pups

Whelped 07/24/2022

5 Boys and 4 Girls

Purchase Price is 1,800.
Taking 500 deposits now. Pup selection is done in the order in which deposits

are received.

We still have 2 Boys still available.


 Weights as of 07/24/22
Green Female  15 ozs.
Red Female  13 ozs.
Blue Male 18 ozs.

Yellow Female  14 ozs.

Green Male  13 ozs.
White Male 14 ozs.

Yellow Male 14 ozs.

Orange Male 15 ozs.

White Female 15 ozs.



Click Here for Pictures Posted each Sunday night

























SHR Championlabs' Close Shave, "Razor"
Click here for pedigree
AKC#:  SR87544601
UKC#:  R254-538
Color: Chocolate
Weight: 58 lbs.
Born: March 25, 2015
EIC: Clear
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
CNM: Clear 
PRA-prcd: Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
see more Paw Prints Genetic Test Here

Call Name: Razor

Sire: HRCH GDB's Loaded Ten Gauge MH (chocolate)
Dam: Championlabs' Aces High Wager (chocolate)

Razor is a very calm dog with a small frame. She lives to retrieve and hunt. She can sit calmly in a duck blind or relax in the floor inside the house. She is well behaved with the grandchildren. Razor was trained and handled by Howard Kremer and ran two flawless weekends at 2 yrs. of age to earn her started passed. Razor came to Big Creek Kennels on July 6, 2019. Her pedigree is loaded with accomplished dogs. Click on the link just under her name for a detailed pedigree. Our plans for Razor are to continue to train, run hunt tests, and get in the bird field for some dove hunts.

We are also excited to introduce an accomplished bloodline to our kennels and look forward to some fine pups from this new Ten Bears and Blue combination. 

HRCH Big Creek's Roamin For Ducks MH, "Roamin" (Click Here for Pedigree)

Call Name: ROAMIN

Gender: Male
Color: CHOC
coat Genotype: Chocolate/chocolate factored  NO SILVER/NO HIDDEN COLOR
Whelp Date: 5/11/2017
UKC Reg: r271270
UKC Points: 100
AKC reg: sr98964303
see more Paw Prints Genetic Test Here

Sire: 5XGRHRCH UH HOF Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon MH
Dam: SHR Big Creek's Gotta Try Iced Mocha ( CHOC )

Roamin's life begin as a beloved family pet, but it soon became evident that Roamin needed and wanted to do more than just keep his human
company, so when he turned 1 year old, the decision was made to send Roamin to Taylor Farm Kennels to begin his formal education. Now at age 3, he has earned his Master. He is currently being handled by Sean Hager of Taylor Farm Kennels.

Roamin is so full of personality and grit. He loves to work and is a fantastic marker. We have great hope for Roamin and hope that he can follow in his father's footsteps.












More about Our Puppies

and Us.

Pictures from Previous litters

Click here for video of David and pup.  Click here for another video































Life for our puppies starts in our house in a specially built whelping pen. The pen is constructed of material that is easy to wash so that the puppies are in a clean environment. The floor of the pen is vented so that all waste from the puppies falls through and they will remain clean and dry. The pen also has a "pig rail" around the perimeter. The rail insures that the puppies are safe and will not accidentally get penned between mom and the wall. A brooding lamp is placed in the pen for warmth as the puppies require help in maintaining body heat in the first weeks of life. It is important to us that the puppy pen is clean and dry. This will make house breaking easier.

  Click here for a great article by Steve Snell on introducing your pup to gun fire.



  At six weeks of age the puppy's personality has become distinct and it is time for prospective new owners to select their new puppy. The selection process begins in the order in which deposits are received.  At 6 weeks of age, the puppies start going to their new homes if they are being transported by vehicle. However, if the pup is being transported by plane, it must wait until 8 weeks of age.        
  At 4 weeks of age we start to introduce the puppies to duck calls, a whistle, and gun shot blanks (at a distance). At 5 weeks, live birds are introduced. Although we know that all the pups we sell will not become gun dogs or compete in hunt tests or  field trails, we feel it is important to introduce these smells and sounds early so that it learns to get excited by this type of stimuli and not afraid. At this stage we also place a small puppy crate with the door removed in their whelping pen to encourage their natural urge to "den".  This also helps if you intend to use a crate for house breaking as they find comfort in nestling with each other inside.        



Most professional trainers believe that 49 days is the best time to start basic obedience training. Basic obedience commands consist of sit, come and fetch. Most important, always keep the sessions short and fun.  Leave the puppy wanting more. 






Big Creek Labs

Midville, Georgia 



At Big Creek Labs we strive to offer pups that will make an all around good companion and hunting partner. It is our desire that your new puppy will grow into your life long companion.